So this is how it ends. America’s last frontier; the thing that defines us as a Nation. We have reached the pinnacle of unproductive existence and we’re moving forward with “duh.” Strap in folks, you’ll need your seat belts for this accelerated ride to the dirty South of no return.

American society has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the state of the union.  Instead, we would rather watch shows such as Jersey Shore and Dancing With the Stars. Those who seek to control us all are grateful for dumb entertainment.

Its enough that Bristol Palin beat out Brandy as a dancer…really? The ridiculous foolery continues on the East Coast, with the get-fresh crew from Jersey. Should some time traveler erroneously end up in this area, I should hope they skip watching Jersey Shore. Between the clothes, hair and makeup, there are at least 3 decades clashed into the current and passed off as a “reality show.”

Is this what we’ve accepted as reasonable entertainment? Trash-talking 20 somethings who actually believe that the world revolves around them. Go ahead and give them a show on MTV and they have a captive audience of all ages. Great, then we should not be concerned with the national debt. The only thing that matters is Snookie’s giant hair and bitchy drama.

Any day of the week at any time, one can tune in to any network trying to one up each other. Apparently, it is vitally important to every American citizen to know what is going on in the homes of Atlanta and Orange County housewives. If that’s not enough, there’s always Southern Justice, jailhouse drama, ghost encounters and people who personify pets.

Indeed America, WTF?!! Stop sleeping! Your precious little world is crumbling around you! Today’s economic disaster touches every person in every home in this country. The stores you buy food from are passing on their high costs to consumers; yes you jack wagon, that means you. Higher rates of crime in impoverished cities are another indicator that we’re in deep trouble. Homeland security has taken screening to the extreme and used the hunt for terrorists as a way to violate your privacy. In case you haven’t heard or cared lately, issues facing U.S. citizens include:

  • The National debt is clocked at $13.8 trillion. Keep in mind that the clock runs constantly as does a stop watch. Thus, it’s always climbing!
  • Jobless rates: Roughly 9.6% for October 2010. This means that approximately 6.2 million people have filed for unemployment. There are many more out of work who have not filed.
  • U.S. states in the worst financial crisis: California, Michigan, Oregon, Illinois, Arizona, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Florida, Rhode Island, Nevada
  • Invasion of privacy masked as Homeland Security; example: TSA searches at U.S. airports
  • China’s taking over as a world superpower. By the way, most products imported to the U.S. come from…you guessed it, the Far East.
  • Gold and silver prices climb while the U.S. dollar declines. What’s the Fed’s proposed solution: monetize the debt (please refer to the amount of domestic debt listed above). Can you say “runaway inflation” boys and girls?

It is time to inform each other and wake the “sheeple” out of their comfortable slumber. Turn off the tube and use the internet for researching issues that affect us all. Blog, write about issues, share it with people. Attend local groups set in place to keep each other informed with the latest information. Start watching true patriots such as Alex Jones ( Vote for candidates like Ron Paul who are trying to help people grasp what few freedoms we still have left.

Some government officials are proposing limiting internet access for the purpose of better Homeland Security. That will mean that you’re being further controlled and yet another choice under the Constitution (freedom of information and speech) has been torn from this country. Please don’t hit the snooze button again, wake up and stand up for your rights (thank you, Bob Marley).


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Airport Security Takes a Dive

During a trip to Baltimore, Maryland this year, my children and I encountered the results of Homeland Security. At Baltimore-Washington International Airport, the TSA staff does their job thoroughly. Should you have the unfortunate luck to be late for a flight, you should pray diligently that you are not selected for “additional screening.” Not only will you miss your flight, but you will be humiliated and sent on your merry way.

Our trip to Baltimore was not a vacation. I was there to bury my husband, a 20-year Army Veteran, who passed away recently. I was accompanied by my three children. We enjoyed spending time with our East Coast family whom we had not seen in years.

The airport experience was disgusting from start to finish. We were never told WHY we were selected for additional screening, but with the surrounding of state and local security, we were “strongly encouraged” to cooperate.

We were pulled to the side and searched from top to bottom. I was clutching my husband’s flag in the protection of both arms and refused to surrender it to security; that’s where I drew the line! He gave 20 years of his life to protect this country and that flag was ardent symbolism of my pride. The TSA agent conducted a full body search and tried to make small talk. The questions these people ask are carefully constructed and delivered to catch people off guard in hopes of obtaining information to be used against them. “Are you visiting Baltimore or do you live here?”; “How long were you here?”; “What is your purpose for being in Maryland?” These were the easier questions I was asked as the agent rummaged through my purse and carry on backpack. My answers were succinct and expressionless. I wasn’t trying to make friends, just get through this ridiculous invasion of privacy.

One of the more obvious processes I noticed is how this government agency divides people who fly together. Me and my three children were taken to 4 separate locations to be searched and interrogated. We were each asked a series of unconventional questions while the searches were carried out.

My teen daughter’s backpack was dumped out on the table and picked through, as though a department store had exploded. “So do you like to party?”; “Do you skip school?”; “Do your parents party?” Were the easier questions asked of her. She answered as any teen likely would, who was thinking: “WTF?”

My 25 year-old, who was a kidney patient and very tired after a long week of burying her father, was treated no differently. Her interrogation and searching seemed to take the longest. I watched this tall, German woman dig through the same small purse for almost 30 minutes. She took the top off my daughter’s lip gloss, unscrewed the pens, opened every zipped compartment, all the while asking seemingly unrelated questions. If I wasn’t in such shock and disbelief, I would’ve lunged forward to tear off her wrinkled face!

My son’s backpack was combed through and searched and he was interrogated as well. Instead of being as angry as I was about the ordeal, he tried to make light. Walking to the new body scanner, he stood still as they asked…until the photo was being taken. He began to perform a little dance that made us all laugh and broke the thick cloud of rage that formed around me.

Ultimately, it took 40 minutes of useless interrogation and searching to prove that we were simply flying to bury a war hero and return home to the Rockies. I’ve heard the stories on and shook my head with disdain. Being the target of these unreasonable searches and seizures was a wake up to the reality of government control. Make no mistake folks, tyranny is here!

This article is dedicated to SGT Joseph Thomas Kennedy (April 18, 1972 to July 7, 2010) and his daughter, Brittany Danielle Carson (March 21, 1985 to August 31, 2010). Rest in eternal love and peace; we miss you desperately.

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You can’t afford to get sick

For so many reasons, it has become one of my purposes in life to educate people on being healthy. The medical establishment has lost its luster and patients are just that… patients. People are obsolete. You are now a number. And dammit, you’d better pay your medical bills! The eugenics movement is alive and well.

No, you can’t afford being sick. In the last month, I buried my husband and my daughter. The hospital that supposedly cared for my daughter accelerated her demise because I agreed to donate her healthy organs. Granted, she had been ill since being diagnosed with Lupus at age 17. I sat and watched the life support cylinder rise and fall and chant. I began to abhor the smell of the sterile environment. I knew that when she first went to the hospital for help, they sent her home. Two hours later she had a massive stroke that caused the blood clot in her brain. Flight for Life back to the same hospital. No turning back.

One by one, the doctors entered the room to deliver the updated bad news. Her father had just died in his sleep one moth prior; I was emotionally wrecked.

Financially, you can’t get sick either. Obamacare is just another facet of socialism and the pitiful end result has yet to surface. Thank God I was married to a soldier for 15 years and he was brilliant enough to care for his family. I’m appalled at the high cost of health care that civilians are forced to pay. My fruitful suggestion of the day is that all families within the sound of my voice should consider supplemental insurance such as AFLAC. This insurance pays you directly should you become ill and are unable to work. I’m not a paid endorser or employee, I’m just giving a useful piece of information to all who read this blog.

Take good physical care of yourself. Don’t leave it up to overcrowded hospitals with overworked doctors. Eugenics is another story, but certainly one worth mentioning in the near future.

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CEOs Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor

While the economic downturn continues the downward spiral, CEOs are seemingly oblivious to the perils of commoners. Black petroleum rages out of the depths of the Gulf and British Petroleum’s CEO takes off to sail splendidly in the U.K. The Denver Post reported today (“Bullish on CEOs”) that top executives’ salaries have continued to rise while jobs and incomes fall.

On seldom occasions a bold leader will take interviews at a press conference and proclaim total innocence of any corporate-level wrongdoing. Rubbish, I say! If we can’t trust proper disclosure at the highest level of a company, why do we continue to pay these peoples’ exorbitant salaries? Just saying.

Poor Goldman Sachs executives. Investments went sour and now they have to profess their innocence to the public at large. The Securities and Exchange Commission is [finally] investigating the Wall Street giant amidst allegations that investors were misled during the height of the mortgage crisis.

Does the term “too little, too late” mean anything to anyone?  Let’s face it: big banks that were “too big to fail” actually failed. When they imploded with brute force, the U.S. Government was right there to bail them out instead of allowing them to wallow in the pitiful sewer they created.

Now that the public outcry has become louder and the natives are restless, the SEC steps in and says, “Dangit, I guess we have to do something…”  Make no mistake, they were there the whole time. Obvious warning signs loomed, but were ignored. Executives of  big banks such as Goldman Sachs were allowed to nod their heads to corruption and claim ignorance. The big, black flashlight is being shined in the faces of this week’s scapegoat [Goldman Sachs] and they have to say something in their own defense. Executives claim they “never intentionally misled anyone.” Add “but we did take your money to get even richer” to that statement and you’ve got a true statement, for a change. Oh, did I mention that GS profits have surged over the last month? Wow, capitalism works!

These people have walked away with billions of taxpayer dollars in exorbitant salaries and ridiculous bonuses; believe it, they are not sorry for a damn thing. The word “thug” now has a name synonymous with a group other than rappers. Have you kissed your investment advisor today?

Sources: “Goldman: Bank wouldn’t intentionally mislead

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Tea Party, anyone?

What’s this we’re hearing about this “Tea Party?” Is it reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party of 1773? Essentially, yes. The Colonists were fed up with Great Britain trying to control them from afar. They were protesting constant meddling and unfair laws of a corrupt government.

Similarly today, this Country is facing tough economic crises because of mistakes that cannot be undone. The need for true, American patriots to rise up against corruption has come. The call is out; the Tea Party has answered.

When there are those who band together to oppose the establishment, there are opposers to the opposees. True Tea Party members have met opposition from crashers who are unmoved by do-gooders who are finally standing up to big government. Damn them!  Who the hell do they think they are, accusing the government of wrong-doing?

Infiltrators  of true government protests try to use such tactics as inciting racism, homophobia and just plain stupidity. Further,  Republican groups who claim to be Tea Party supporters are sparking up their own groups with a different agenda entirely. Yet another tactic to make Tea Party groups look like a bunch of racist hicks who promote [and intend to use] domestic terrorism to oppose the government.

If you’re interested in joining a genuine Tea Party group that supports the intended movement, perform your due diligence. Rule out the perpetrators by learning the agenda, purpose and intent. This is a great opportunity for Americans to stand up for their rights, just as the Constitution ensured. Take part, or lose your rights forever.

More info:

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Hello world!  I know that sounds homoesque, but darned it, this is my first blog on WordPress.  My blog will cover a vast array of topics for this changing world.  As this Country and citizens trudge through a depression of monumental proportions, it is my intent to express views based upon facts.  Some subjects I cover will involve people and their relationships (I write a Women’s Relationship column).

As you sojourn with me, please participate.  Know that what I write about, I believe in because it’s been part of my life somehow.  “In all your getting, get understanding.”

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Hello world!

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