In a world where lives have become fast-paced and simplified to the least common denominator, the true meaning of Christmas seems lost.

Retailers and corporate giants care not that Christmas represents the birth of Jesus Christ. They instead brace themselves from “Black Friday” until December 24th to see how much consumers spend on the products they manufacture.

Greetings to people you meet in passing are hurriedly blurted out as “happy holidays.” It is as if “Merry Christmas” is not politically correct to convey anymore. God forbid you hurt someone’s feelings by wishing them well, in Jesus’ Name.

The “silver bells” have skyrocketed to almost $30.00 per ounce. Former good tidings and indications of a white Christmas have faded into folklore and all that’s left are the songs of better days. In the air, there’s little feeling of Christmas. Although the remnants of maintaining tradition can be seen in scattered images, there is an overall feeling of disdain and despair.

People are afraid to say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” Sincere wishes that used to brighten a stranger’s day have been reduced to a nominal gesture of tolerance. Families are distant, separated and angry with each other for reasons that don’t matter much at all.

Atheists are offended by any term that refers to the very notion of “intelligent design,” therefore, we must all oblige by keeping the “Jesus thing” out of the “holiday.” Hide your nativity scenes! Someone may walk by and find it offensive that you have faith in God and you’ll be sued!

Who wins? No one. This country has collectively given up most of its’ rights, simply by doing nothing. Take a stand from now through the new year. At the risk of being offensive, declare that the “holiday” exists because the Savior was born. Although the exact date is not known, it is a commemorative way that Western culture remembers this awesome event. When you change your colors too often because people don’t like them, eventually you fade to black (KJ). Then you’re stuck with simply “you.” By the way, Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you!


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