Posted by: sheika1 | October 18, 2016

21 Days to Destiny: The 2016 Presidential Election

Donald Trump was campaigning in Colorado today and brought the fire and brimstone against the Democratic, far left establishment. He was welcomed by the chiefly military crowd in Colorado Springs with chants of “build that wall” and “USA!”

An important point Mr. Trump brought about was the fact that this is truly America’s last chance to continue being a country; much less a world super power. If crooked Hillary Clinton is elected – “appointed,” she will descend this country into a veritable hell on Earth. She knows it-she endorses it-she marvels at her socialistic, Marxist dream world that she has sought to create. She thinks it’s “her turn.” Actually, she already ran this country for 8 years when her husband was president.

Her constant rhetoric of empty promises and pandering to people of all races is disgusting. Make no mistake, Hillary Rodham Clinton is a monster with a hunger pain and she will stop at nothing to avenge her enemies and single-handedly destroy this great Nation. She wants to continue Obama’s disaster, by waging war on Russia.

So, you’re insulted and offended by Donald Trump’s “words?” Really? Rappers in the Hollywood music scene say far worse, and they’re worshiped, so spare me the fake, elevated moral compass! When I hear people driving through the neighborhoods blasting music, it’s not Chris LeDoux or Morcheeba; it’s some guy with a raspy voice, sounding like he just woke up, calling women “bitches,” “ho-s,” or worse.

Colorado is filled with self-absorbed, entitled, narcissistic far-left liberals who ride Hillary’s jock strap and don’t live in a real world. They don’t care what she has done, what her husband has done, or what she intends to do to this country. When I talk to some of these dummies, I see the blank stare from their nervous eyes when I start telling them about Clinton crimes. After the shock wears off, they blurt out a weak attempt at a rebuttal by saying something like “Donald Trump is a racist.” It makes me laugh, because I know the truth. I also know that whatever Hillary accuses Donald Trump of is actually HER crimes; it’s called “projection.” One of her mentors was Robert Byrd…a former high ranking grand dragon in the KKK (the video she released after his death in 2010 proves it).

Here are a few of the goals of Medusa – I mean Hillary:

  • Totally open borders, letting in over 600 million people from EVERYWHERE, totally un-vetted and unchecked
  • Proponent of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), which completes the process of shipping every American job overseas and hiring only illegals
  • Socialistic, Marxist system of government
  • Dissolving the 2nd Amendment – protection/firearms confiscated across the board (except for HER guards/secret service)

Here are a few of the reasons she is NOT qualified to be president:

  • She stole $2 billion from Haiti in 2010 after the massive earthquakes via the Clinton Foundation, and did NOTHING for the Haitian people (they attest to this)
  • As head of the State Department, she ignored over 600 requests from former Ambassador Christopher Stevens, for assistance/protection in Benghazi, Libya. This lack of professionalism and basic brain function led to the death of 4 Americans on 11 September 2012, including Ambassador Stevens.
  • Terrorized Bill Clinton’s rape victims, instead of dealing with him “appropriately”
  • Deleted over 33,000 emails she had stored on her PRIVATE SERVER in her compound. These emails were hacked and directly compromised national security.
  • Lied to Congress when questioned about her role (lack thereof) in managing the mess in Benghazi, Libya. She pulled the “dumb blonde” card when asked about accountability, as the HEAD of the State Department.
  • Lied to the FBI when questioned about the 33,000 deleted emails and then had them permanently wiped away with an expensive software called “BleachBit.” If she’s innocent, why have the emails permanently erased?
  • She stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders earlier this year. This information is clearly proven in the Wikileaks email releases by Julian Assange and his brave team of patriots.
  • She has claimed that she was against Wall Street banks, but IN FACT, her campaign is heavily funded by Wall Street banks.
  • She used her position as former Secretary of State to sell/rent out favors to donors to the Clinton Foundation (quid-pro-quo / pay to play)
  • She sold 20% of America’s uranium supply to Russia (while she falsely whines and complains about how Russia could “rig” the election).

This is a short list of the crimes of the Clinton machine. I’ll elaborate in subsequent posts. It’s a very exciting time to be alive. The crimes of the global elite, including the Clintons, are open and naked; they don’t care that they’re corrupt and they don’t care that we know it.

Your vote is vital. Who you vote for is vital. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Hillary Clinton should be brought to justice for years of criminal activity, not prancing around (and falling down) running for president. Think carefully about who and what you support. God is watching.


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