Posted by: sheika1 | January 8, 2015

Where do we find strength in adversity?

Whoever you are, or whatever you believe, you’re going to come to points in life when you just don’t know what the heck to do. I find comfort in writing, publishing articles and prayer.

Every day the news is stretched to the limit with stories of bewildering proportions. Though the stories are thought-provoking and we feel sorry for some folks, we can only shake our heads and move on. What happens when YOU are the news? What happens when you are the victim of crime, corruption, or financial ruin? When bad situations hit way too close to home, we scream and yell and want the whole world to join with us in solidarity. We want immediate help, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get people to hear our grievances and fix the issue. What happens when just about every door  is slammed in your face and no one will help? What do you do when you feel completely alone and disenfranchised in a society of seemingly endless resources? Why is it that there are so many poor people, still homeless and destitute? Why, why, why?

First, Jesus said that the poor would be with us always. There are just too many variables to decide on one succinct answer for such a complex issue. How is it that we can find true peace in such difficult times? You have to come to the conclusion that you can only do so much in any given situation. Have I perfected this yet? Not at all, but more and more, I have found that when I give it to God for handling, I take myself out of the equation. I have absolutely no faith in people. I’ve had plenty and was very generous. That generosity was to a fault, and it left me with nothing. I’m a Christian, and to this day, I’m convinced that I should have been in the company of other believers during the worst time in my life. Instead, I laid in the blazing sun, waiting for the vultures to eat away at me.

Your strength in adversity comes when you can be going through the worst trial imaginable and still have faith. When you know that you can exercise faith, or failure, it is vitally important to make the fruitful choice. I’m the first to admit that it is next to impossible to have absolutely nothing to your name, be facing eviction, and feel as though you have nothing to offer the world. Walk by faith, not sight. Besides, what you see is sometimes not what’s really there…SGT Kennedy - Bradley Master


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