Posted by: sheika1 | July 7, 2011

Soldiers of Misfortune: Uncle Sam is not his brother’s keeper

One year ago today, SGT Kennedy went to sleep and never woke up. He buried his sorrows, fears and ghosts deep inside him to move on with the mission. He and many other soldiers are not getting the physical and mental help that they require because this country’s government has forgotten who keeps us all free. At this very moment, the powers-that-be are trying to gouge the defense budget. This doesn’t matter to those who are in the civilian sector, but to active duty, veterans and families, these cuts are devastating to our standard of living.

Instead, they would rather pour billions of taxpayer dollars into collaborations with such outlaw organizations as the EU and the IMF. These dollars are being used to help bail out financially strapped nations across the seas, while our own citizens cling to any hope of surviving this current depression.

Soldiers and their families are required to be separated for extended periods of time, several times throughout their careers, yet families are expected to survive. What the hell? As SGT Kennedy used to exclaim: “are you out of your rabid-ass mind?”

As he is remembered today (and everyday), join me in thanking all the soldiers who do what is asked of them so that you can live in your urban or suburban haven. We are all so proud of you and love you always.SGT Kennedy - Bradley Master



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    This is still too much corruption.


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