Posted by: sheika1 | November 21, 2010

Jersey Shore and Dancing With the Stars: America’s Last Hope

So this is how it ends. America’s last frontier; the thing that defines us as a Nation. We have reached the pinnacle of unproductive existence and we’re moving forward with “duh.” Strap in folks, you’ll need your seat belts for this accelerated ride to the dirty South of no return.

American society has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the state of the union.  Instead, we would rather watch shows such as Jersey Shore and Dancing With the Stars. Those who seek to control us all are grateful for dumb entertainment.

Its enough that Bristol Palin beat out Brandy as a dancer…really? The ridiculous foolery continues on the East Coast, with the get-fresh crew from Jersey. Should some time traveler erroneously end up in this area, I should hope they skip watching Jersey Shore. Between the clothes, hair and makeup, there are at least 3 decades clashed into the current and passed off as a “reality show.”

Is this what we’ve accepted as reasonable entertainment? Trash-talking 20 somethings who actually believe that the world revolves around them. Go ahead and give them a show on MTV and they have a captive audience of all ages. Great, then we should not be concerned with the national debt. The only thing that matters is Snookie’s giant hair and bitchy drama.

Any day of the week at any time, one can tune in to any network trying to one up each other. Apparently, it is vitally important to every American citizen to know what is going on in the homes of Atlanta and Orange County housewives. If that’s not enough, there’s always Southern Justice, jailhouse drama, ghost encounters and people who personify pets.

Indeed America, WTF?!! Stop sleeping! Your precious little world is crumbling around you! Today’s economic disaster touches every person in every home in this country. The stores you buy food from are passing on their high costs to consumers; yes you jack wagon, that means you. Higher rates of crime in impoverished cities are another indicator that we’re in deep trouble. Homeland security has taken screening to the extreme and used the hunt for terrorists as a way to violate your privacy. In case you haven’t heard or cared lately, issues facing U.S. citizens include:

  • The National debt is clocked at $13.8 trillion. Keep in mind that the clock runs constantly as does a stop watch. Thus, it’s always climbing!
  • Jobless rates: Roughly 9.6% for October 2010. This means that approximately 6.2 million people have filed for unemployment. There are many more out of work who have not filed.
  • U.S. states in the worst financial crisis: California, Michigan, Oregon, Illinois, Arizona, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Florida, Rhode Island, Nevada
  • Invasion of privacy masked as Homeland Security; example: TSA searches at U.S. airports
  • China’s taking over as a world superpower. By the way, most products imported to the U.S. come from…you guessed it, the Far East.
  • Gold and silver prices climb while the U.S. dollar declines. What’s the Fed’s proposed solution: monetize the debt (please refer to the amount of domestic debt listed above). Can you say “runaway inflation” boys and girls?

It is time to inform each other and wake the “sheeple” out of their comfortable slumber. Turn off the tube and use the internet for researching issues that affect us all. Blog, write about issues, share it with people. Attend local groups set in place to keep each other informed with the latest information. Start watching true patriots such as Alex Jones ( Vote for candidates like Ron Paul who are trying to help people grasp what few freedoms we still have left.

Some government officials are proposing limiting internet access for the purpose of better Homeland Security. That will mean that you’re being further controlled and yet another choice under the Constitution (freedom of information and speech) has been torn from this country. Please don’t hit the snooze button again, wake up and stand up for your rights (thank you, Bob Marley).


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