Posted by: sheika1 | November 5, 2010

Airport Security Takes a Dive

During a trip to Baltimore, Maryland this year, my children and I encountered the results of Homeland Security. At Baltimore-Washington International Airport, the TSA staff does their job thoroughly. Should you have the unfortunate luck to be late for a flight, you should pray diligently that you are not selected for “additional screening.” Not only will you miss your flight, but you will be humiliated and sent on your merry way.

Our trip to Baltimore was not a vacation. I was there to bury my husband, a 20-year Army Veteran, who passed away recently. I was accompanied by my three children. We enjoyed spending time with our East Coast family whom we had not seen in years.

The airport experience was disgusting from start to finish. We were never told WHY we were selected for additional screening, but with the surrounding of state and local security, we were “strongly encouraged” to cooperate.

We were pulled to the side and searched from top to bottom. I was clutching my husband’s flag in the protection of both arms and refused to surrender it to security; that’s where I drew the line! He gave 20 years of his life to protect this country and that flag was ardent symbolism of my pride. The TSA agent conducted a full body search and tried to make small talk. The questions these people ask are carefully constructed and delivered to catch people off guard in hopes of obtaining information to be used against them. “Are you visiting Baltimore or do you live here?”; “How long were you here?”; “What is your purpose for being in Maryland?” These were the easier questions I was asked as the agent rummaged through my purse and carry on backpack. My answers were succinct and expressionless. I wasn’t trying to make friends, just get through this ridiculous invasion of privacy.

One of the more obvious processes I noticed is how this government agency divides people who fly together. Me and my three children were taken to 4 separate locations to be searched and interrogated. We were each asked a series of unconventional questions while the searches were carried out.

My teen daughter’s backpack was dumped out on the table and picked through, as though a department store had exploded. “So do you like to party?”; “Do you skip school?”; “Do your parents party?” Were the easier questions asked of her. She answered as any teen likely would, who was thinking: “WTF?”

My 25 year-old, who was a kidney patient and very tired after a long week of burying her father, was treated no differently. Her interrogation and searching seemed to take the longest. I watched this tall, German woman dig through the same small purse for almost 30 minutes. She took the top off my daughter’s lip gloss, unscrewed the pens, opened every zipped compartment, all the while asking seemingly unrelated questions. If I wasn’t in such shock and disbelief, I would’ve lunged forward to tear off her wrinkled face!

My son’s backpack was combed through and searched and he was interrogated as well. Instead of being as angry as I was about the ordeal, he tried to make light. Walking to the new body scanner, he stood still as they asked…until the photo was being taken. He began to perform a little dance that made us all laugh and broke the thick cloud of rage that formed around me.

Ultimately, it took 40 minutes of useless interrogation and searching to prove that we were simply flying to bury a war hero and return home to the Rockies. I’ve heard the stories on and shook my head with disdain. Being the target of these unreasonable searches and seizures was a wake up to the reality of government control. Make no mistake folks, tyranny is here!

This article is dedicated to SGT Joseph Thomas Kennedy (April 18, 1972 to July 7, 2010) and his daughter, Brittany Danielle Carson (March 21, 1985 to August 31, 2010). Rest in eternal love and peace; we miss you desperately.


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