Posted by: sheika1 | September 22, 2010

You can’t afford to get sick

For so many reasons, it has become one of my purposes in life to educate people on being healthy. The medical establishment has lost its luster and patients are just that… patients. People are obsolete. You are now a number. And dammit, you’d better pay your medical bills! The eugenics movement is alive and well.

No, you can’t afford being sick. In the last month, I buried my husband and my daughter. The hospital that supposedly cared for my daughter accelerated her demise because I agreed to donate her healthy organs. Granted, she had been ill since being diagnosed with Lupus at age 17. I sat and watched the life support cylinder rise and fall and chant. I began to abhor the smell of the sterile environment. I knew that when she first went to the hospital for help, they sent her home. Two hours later she had a massive stroke that caused the blood clot in her brain. Flight for Life back to the same hospital. No turning back.

One by one, the doctors entered the room to deliver the updated bad news. Her father had just died in his sleep one moth prior; I was emotionally wrecked.

Financially, you can’t get sick either. Obamacare is just another facet of socialism and the pitiful end result has yet to surface. Thank God I was married to a soldier for 15 years and he was brilliant enough to care for his family. I’m appalled at the high cost of health care that civilians are forced to pay. My fruitful suggestion of the day is that all families within the sound of my voice should consider supplemental insurance such as AFLAC. This insurance pays you directly should you become ill and are unable to work. I’m not a paid endorser or employee, I’m just giving a useful piece of information to all who read this blog.

Take good physical care of yourself. Don’t leave it up to overcrowded hospitals with overworked doctors. Eugenics is another story, but certainly one worth mentioning in the near future.


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