Posted by: sheika1 | April 19, 2010

Tea Party, anyone?

What’s this we’re hearing about this “Tea Party?” Is it reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party of 1773? Essentially, yes. The Colonists were fed up with Great Britain trying to control them from afar. They were protesting constant meddling and unfair laws of a corrupt government.

Similarly today, this Country is facing tough economic crises because of mistakes that cannot be undone. The need for true, American patriots to rise up against corruption has come. The call is out; the Tea Party has answered.

When there are those who band together to oppose the establishment, there are opposers to the opposees. True Tea Party members have met opposition from crashers who are unmoved by do-gooders who are finally standing up to big government. Damn them!  Who the hell do they think they are, accusing the government of wrong-doing?

Infiltrators  of true government protests try to use such tactics as inciting racism, homophobia and just plain stupidity. Further,  Republican groups who claim to be Tea Party supporters are sparking up their own groups with a different agenda entirely. Yet another tactic to make Tea Party groups look like a bunch of racist hicks who promote [and intend to use] domestic terrorism to oppose the government.

If you’re interested in joining a genuine Tea Party group that supports the intended movement, perform your due diligence. Rule out the perpetrators by learning the agenda, purpose and intent. This is a great opportunity for Americans to stand up for their rights, just as the Constitution ensured. Take part, or lose your rights forever.

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